Expecting company ... With this time saving roaster oven it will be a breeze to prepare any meal. It's fast heating, versatile, does everything including roast, bake cook & serves.
Manufacturer: Rival, Model RO188BR
Size: 18 Quart (4.5 gal us), up to 18 lbs turkey & prepare meals up to 45 people
Removable 3 Compartment Buffet Server,
Removable Enamel On-Steel Roasting Pan for easy cleaning,
Removable Steal Roasting Rack for easy food removal
Removable Lid and Convenient Lid Rest,
Adjustable Temperature Control 150F to 450F
Includes manual, recipes & box
Retails for $116 (that's because it has a 3 compartment buffet server).
Customer Reviews on most websites is 5 stars reviews
Product: New - NEVER BEEN USED
Asking: $59. Estate Sale
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